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The Safe & Highly Effective Alternative to Lasers and Fillers ...

If you have seen the before and after pictures, then you know why Micro-needling is garnishing so much attention in the Medical Spa industry.
Microneedling has some phenomenal results and is especially effective at filling in acne scars, rebuilding collagen and even acting as a safe alternative to injectables.  

And, because micro needling doesn't use heat it is safe to use on all skin types and can even treat stubborn pigmentation issues such as melasma. 

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Unlike most facials, micro-needling can create long-term and dramatic results because it quite literally tells your skin to grow more collagen and fix itself from the inside out.  It is honestly a bit of a miracle game changer in the beauty industry, so here's a little guide to find out if its right for you.

What is Microneedling?  

Microneedling uses a tiny tool with about 12 micro-needles on it which can be adjusted in length depending on skin issue and which type of treatment is being administered.  

In a sense, microneedling wounds the skin, but it does so on such a micro level that it allows it to be beneficial.  When a small wound is inflicted the body rushes to heal sending fibroblasts to re-grow collagen. 

This re-growth of collagen leaves you with plumper more youthful skin, not just the appearance of it.  

Who should do it?

Anyone with acne scarring is an ideal candidate.  It is a far gentler option than laser resurfacing or chemical peels which can result in further damage (especially in those with darker skin).  

Micro needling can also remove all of the clogged pores your have and is wonderful for dry, thin skin types.  

It is also wonderful for the beginning sides of aging and maintenance, especially for those who hang out in the sun a lot!  As we age collagen production slows.  Think of micro needling like a personal trainer for your skin; it keeps strengthening it and encouraging it to get better.  

Does it hurt?

No, it should not hurt.  At most, it can be compared to a “psycho kitty” licking your face over and over again, but generally, you won't feel a thing due to the numbing cream used before a treatment.  

What to expect after?

You will be a little pink after the treatment, so don't make big plans that night.  Leave your skin to breath and don't put on makeup for at least the next 6 hours.  Rarely you may see a couple of micro scabs which will fade in a few days. 

And as with any treatment, you will be more sensitive to the sun for the next few days so you must cover up and wear a hat. 

Can you only treat the face?

No, micro needling can be performed on all areas of the body.  It is excellent for treating stretch marks on the legs, chest, and butt.  On average 4-6 seasons do the trick. 

What about home Dermarollers?

The home treatments can be effective but they require a lot of consistency, and you will not get the same results as treatments administered by a professional.   There is also the slight risk that at home treatments can cause micro-tears to the skin.  This results in the healing process being much longer and can lead to a risq of infection.  

In office micro needling is much safer and much more customized.  If you have an issue, you are treating such as melasma or acne scarring you will want to make sure you go in for a series with a professional.   

How to choose a professional?

A lot of places won't even include a mask or numbing cream in their treatment.  You want to make sure this treatment is as effective as possible by using a numbing cream and custom serums which are driven deep into the skin to aid the healing and correction process.  Each patient's unique needs should be taken into consideration and a program customized and designed to get them their desired results.   

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