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Everything You Need to Know About Lip Injections In Hawaii

Yeah, it's all the rage!  Everyone has big beautiful pouty lips … but the real amazing thing is they don't look fake!

How ... And how can you get that look too?

Real image of post injection by Tony Glorioso RN & Owner of The Medical Spa of Hawaii 

Real image of post injection by Tony Glorioso RN & Owner of The Medical Spa of Hawaii 

It used to be that lip injections were a nightmare.  They would leave women looking duck like, swollen and quite frankly a bit "pornstar-ish" …

your lips deserve the best.png

Not a good look! 

But things have changed.  With the advent of safer fillers, better techniques, and more practiced technicians you can artfully sculpt your pout without any of the dreaded side effects.


So what's the key to the perfect kisser?


1) Pick the Right Person


To be honest it's almost scary who can do injections these days. You really want to make sure that you are seeing someone who is well trained, has worked in the medical field for a number of years, and someone who also has an artistic eye.  


The person doing your lip injections needs to understand “Beautiful.”


And Beautiful means YOU-nique …


your lips deserve the best.png

It used to be that there was a specific ratio and shape that was thought to be “perfect” but that's old school thinking.  Now you see all different shapes coming out of the medical spas.  Same size top and bottom lip, bigger upper lip ... we are seeing injectors embrace natural uniqueness.  

Make sure that your “lip artist” isn't stuck in the old thought pattern of lip injections and that they are open to working with your shape and keeping your character. 


A lot of Dr's get into injections for the money but they pay very little attention to the nuanced details of what makes someone unique and shine.  They may know how to make lips plumper but this doesn't mean they know how to balance your chin and nose with the perfectly projected pout, or how to fill cheeks to give you a youthful appearance … 


Pick someone who cares and is aesthetically inclined. 


Check out Hawaii’s “Botox and Lip King” - Tony Glorioso RN, Model (he knows a thing or two about beauty ... ) and Owner of The Medical Spa of Hawaii.  


2) Find someone that will listen.

Yes, it's important that someone has a vision, but you don't want someone that has too much.  You must make sure that they listen to you and your needs and wishes.  You know yourself, and your body better than anyone else.


When you walk in you need to feel comfortable and in control.  


Ultimately the person doing your injections should be able to guide you to the right decision and let you know what's safe and realistic but they MUST listen to your wishes and concerns.  


3)  Start with one Syringe


Change always feels dramatic so start with one syringe to get used to it mentally, and also physically.  Your lips need time to “stretch” out.  They are a delicate part of your body and should be treated as such.  


4) Know that you don't always have to actually fill the lip.


There is a part of the lip called the vermillion border.  A skilled injector will be able to define the lip line by just filling this little area.  Not everyone is skilled enough to do this so you need to make sure you see someone who knows how to fill only this area and not puncture into the lip if this is what you are desiring.


5) Pick a gentle hand. 


Some injectors offer a full dental block where you won't feel a thing but this really isnt nescessary.

if you see someone skilled this won't be necessary.  A skilled hand will lead to much less bruising, swelling and pain.  Most patients (with a skilled injector) really only need about 10 minutes of numbing cream.  


Post Procedure Protocol


1) Sit back and Relax


Lip fillers are actually made from Hyaluronic Acid (a substance naturally produced in the body which binds water).  This means that your body will eventually detox it out so while it settles it is important that you don't do anything strenuous that will get the blood pumping and cause you to detox the newly injected filler. 

This means do not work out for 24 hours.  


2)  Stay our of the water for at least a week.

We know the beach is tempting but there are going to be little micro punctures in the lip that could be prone to infection.  It is important that you don't go anywhere dirty, and as pristine as it looks the salt water and beaches can contribute to infection.  


3) Expect a little swelling and bruising


Everyone is different but you can expect to be a little swollen and bruised for up to two weeks.  Not scary Adams Family scary swollen, but a little … And of course, when it is on your face you notice it more than anyone else.  Don't freak out, they will go down.  

Or perhaps you will be sad when they do and you might be ready for syringe number two … ;)

If you are thinking of lip injections request a Free Consult (in person or Skype) with Hawaii's premier lip Injector - Tony Glorioso -

text "Lip Consult" to 808 291 6460

Tony Glorioso RN, Model and Actor, Owner of The Medical Spa of Hawaii


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